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The Benefits of Booking Direct: Why Customers Should Choose Event Companies Over Concierge Services

Updated: May 17, 2023


When planning a special event, whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, or a milestone celebration, it's essential to find the right event company that can bring your vision to life. With the rise of online concierge services like Poptop, it may seem convenient to delegate the task of event planning to a third party. However, in this blog, we'll explore why customers should consider booking directly with event companies rather than relying on concierge services. By doing so, you'll unlock a range of benefits and ensure a seamless, personalized, and exceptional event experience.

1. Direct Communication and Personalized Service

Booking directly with an event company establishes a direct line of communication between you and the professionals responsible for executing your vision. This direct contact allows for a more personalized experience as you can clearly communicate your requirements, preferences, and any specific details that are essential to your event's success. Event companies pride themselves on their ability to tailor their services to your unique needs, ensuring that every detail is accounted for and executed flawlessly.

2. Expertise and Industry Knowledge

Event companies possess extensive expertise and industry knowledge, honed through years of experience in the field. By booking directly with these professionals, you tap into their wealth of knowledge, ensuring that you receive expert guidance and advice throughout the planning process. From selecting the perfect venue and theme to suggesting the most suitable entertainment options and coordinating logistics, event companies bring a level of expertise that ensures your event is executed to perfection.

3. Access to a Vast Network of Trusted Suppliers

Event companies have well-established relationships with a network of trusted suppliers, including caterers, florists, decorators, entertainers, and more. When booking directly, you gain access to these connections, resulting in a wider range of options and higher-quality services. These pre-existing relationships often come with negotiated rates and preferential treatment, allowing you to receive the best possible value for your money. By contrast, concierge services may limit your choices to a select few vendors, potentially limiting your options and compromising the overall quality of your event.

4. Transparent Pricing and Cost Savings

Booking directly with an event company provides greater transparency when it comes to pricing. You can expect detailed breakdowns of costs, allowing you to make informed decisions within your budget. Event companies strive to offer competitive pricing while delivering exceptional service. In contrast, concierge services may incorporate additional fees or hidden charges, resulting in unexpected expenses that can quickly escalate your event's overall cost.

5. Streamlined Coordination and Accountability

Event companies act as a one-stop-shop for all your event needs. From managing vendors and coordinating timelines to overseeing setup and cleanup, they assume full responsibility for ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. By booking directly, you eliminate the potential for miscommunication or delays that can arise when working through an intermediary. Event companies take ownership of every aspect of your event, ensuring that it runs smoothly from start to finish.


While online concierge services may appear convenient, booking directly with an event company offers numerous advantages that significantly enhance your event planning experience. Direct communication, personalised service, industry expertise, access to a trusted network of suppliers, transparent pricing, and streamlined coordination are just a few of the benefits you can expect when bypassing concierge services. By choosing to work directly with event companies, you'll ensure that your vision is executed flawlessly, leaving you free to enjoy your event with confidence, knowing that every detail has been meticulously attended to by experienced professionals.

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