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Fundraising Events

Olympic Tourch & Candy floss
Are you organizing a fundraising event?
Spring or Summer Fayre  - ​​​​ BBQ  -  Children's Disco....

Have you considered having candy floss at your fun raising event?

Watching candy floss being made is an unique attraction, and coupled with its distinctive aroma, candy floss adds an unique fairground atmosphere to your event.

We operate candy floss machines at your fund raiser.  We can place a stall on site with a trained operator...

We sell sticks, bags and tubs, we give your fund raiser 20% of our takings or a rent fee..

We can supply 2.5 litre tubs, filled with candy floss for £2.50 per tub. Then you sell the tubs for a profit and if you have any left over we buy them back.  Win win

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