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Candy Floss - Nutritional Information

Candy floss is made with sugar (sucrose) and a food colouring.

Sugar is a carbohydrate providing 4 calories per gram, roughly 16 calories per level teaspoon.​

In an average serving of candy floss there is about 28g of sugar, giving you about 112 calories.

​Candy floss does not contain any artificial additives, E numbers, preservatives, salt, or fat.

Recommended Daily Allowance​







The Glycemic Index

Foods containing carbohydrates that are released rapidly to the blood stream have a high glycemic index, whereas foods that release carbohydrates slowly have a low glycemic index.
Generally foods with a glycemic index of 55 or less are considered to be low in the glycemic index; 56 – 69 as medium; and 70 and above as high.
High glycemic index foods are associated with increased risks of type II diabetes. Therefore nutritionists advise people at risk of developing diabetes, and those who want to manage diabetes, to eat foods with a low glycemic index as part of their strategy.

Sugar (sucrose)       =65. + or - 4.     Medium

Wholemeal Bread    =74. + or - 2.     High

Corn Flakes               =81. + or - 6.     High

Potatoes                    =78. + or - 4.      High 



The surprising truth about sugar.

Here’s everything you need to know about what it does to your body.




Sugar is found naturally in some foods and added by the manufacturer in others.



Starbucks Hot Mulled Fruit - Grape with Chai Venti - 99g of sugar.  

Coca Cola 150ml - 15.9g of sugar.

Milk 100g - 5.26g of sugar

Banana (raw) 100g - 12.23g of sugar

Nutri-Grain Elevenses raisin bake bar - 18g of sugar



Health Minded consumers are tricked into eating more processed sugar.

Once upon a time health food stores did not carry products containing sugar. Today what we think of as a "health food store" is often a type of hybrid resulting from the cross breeding of true health food stores with traditional grocery retailers. These new stores are trying to capitalize on having a healthy image, while their shelves ​​​are stocked with products containing processed sugar, often listed by one of its other names.


A list of sugar-free foods, to help you balance your diet


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