Candyfloss and Popcorn at your Wedding

Catherine Kirton - Fabulously fantastic. I would highly recommend this company, staff were lovely and made you daughters wedding extra special. You can see from the photo.

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It's time to organise your "Fabulously fantastic" special day.

Candyfloss Events specialise in freshly spun candyfloss and freshly cooked popcorn. Let us make your wedding reception so special, and more memorable.  We can serve your special guests with fresh candyfloss and fresh popcorn, served by dedicated trained servers, from traditional stalls.

Wedding Favours : We can supply 2 litre tubs of candy floss for £2.00 per tub.

Popcorn for Weddings
Wedding Favors

Candy floss being freshly spun, and popcorn being freshly cooked are unique and fun to watch.  They have an addictive taste and the aroma enhances the atmosphere of any wedding.

Personal friendly service at all times.

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