Our traditional candyfloss & popcorn stalls, come with a friendly member of staff to make and serve the fun food to your guests.

Candy Floss Machine Cart Hire North East
We love to travel, we love candy floss, we think everyone should have the experience of eating it.
Areas covered:

* Newcastle
* Durham
* Northumberland
* Carlisle
* Edinburgh
* York
* Middlesborough
* Sunderland
Candyfloss & Popcorn Machine Hire

What events do we love to cater?

* Weddings
* Promotional Events
* University Balls
* Corporate Events
* Family Fun Days
* College Proms
Popcorn Machine Hire | Popcorn Stall Hire
Candy floss being freshly spun and popcorn being freshly cooked are unique and fun to watch being made.  They have an addictive taste and the aroma enhances the atmosphere of any event.
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